q Loving Insights - A Higher Perspective on Emotions
Loving Insights

By Susan L. Atchison

Loving Insights

In LOVING INSIGHTS: A Higher Perspective on Emotions, Susan Atchison brings profound new insights into 44 of our most experienced emotions and states of being. From Acceptance, Anger and Anxiety to Self-Empowerment, Shame and Worthiness, her unique weaving together of personal story, channeled wisdom and useful techniques is easy to read, understand and utilize. You’ll find this collection useful as a daily guide or to pick up when you find yourself struggling with unwanted emotions. When we are in our emotions, it’s like being in the mud and the muck; we can’t see very far, and often don’t know how to get out. The Higher Perspectives given by Loving Insights is like the sun beckoning the lotus flower to emerge from watery clouded emotions and blossom in a beautiful and radiant way.


  • Choose a topic each day
  • Help your children understand emotions
  • Great for discussion groups
  • Makes a great gift!



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Susan Atchison

Susan L. Atchison is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and intuitive who has dedicated her life to the healing of deep, difficult and stuck emotional states. Through nearly 20 years of altered state work with clients, she has come to realize that while many of our emotional difficulties stem from early neglect, abuse and trauma, an integral element is separation from our own true spiritual self – that place where you feel most at home in your heart.

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What Others Have Said

“I felt compassion and empathy as if she were holding my hand as she shared her own personal experiences …She has not just studied these; she has lived them and truly understands people’s struggles.”

“When you need a reset for your day, to feel heard and regain a sense of equilibrium, Loving Insights is your sanctuary…It touched my heart, and it will touch yours.”

“My daughter who was struggling with her own worthiness found a great deal of peace as Susan wisely explained that the hurtful things others have said to you have little to do with you.”

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