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Intuitive Messages

By Susan Atchison

A Loving Insights intuitive message is a way to open your perspective to a wider wisdom on your life, one that helps you to see the beauty and balance woven through even a seemingly difficult time.

When you purchase your Loving Insights message, you will receive a personalized intuitive message from the Higher Realms. Your personal message, which typically is both uplifting and focused on what is most important for you to understand at this time will come to you in writing via email.

If you have questions about your message, you are welcome to connect with me via phone for a follow-up Sharing Session.

Susan Intuitive Readings

“The message Susan gave me moved me to tears – it was just the right message at the right time! I don’t normally look in this direction but am so glad I did! Thank you Susan for an amazing gift of love and inspiration!

– T.A.

Sample Messages

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Susan‘s Loving Insights messages weave together words like a poetic hug. Her guides make you feel comfortable; their guidance is pure. The information comes through in a nurturing way that makes you trust and feel hopeful. The optimism and rhythm of the messages is a gift to anyone who chooses to have a session with her.”

~ LG, intuitive channel

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When I ordered my message with Susan, I honestly did not know what to expect.  However, when I received the message, I was humbled by the kindness, comforted by the words, and amazed by its accuracy.  Without telling Susan everything that was going on between work and family, the advice that was passed on was overwhelmingly on point.  It was emotional and necessary to hear.   I simply felt relieved that I was given permission to slow down and take time for myself and my family.  The sincerity, compassion, and the endearing tone touched my heart in a manner that made me feel enveloped in kindness, understanding, and simply stated: love.   The Loving Insights  message Susan gave me was wonderful and I highly recommend for everyone to take the opportunity for themselves.”

~ PR