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As both a healing professional and a mother, I have often said that we really need an emotions handbook, a quick reference guide for when we are having a crisis or emotional challenge, that just targets our immediate need. I, for one, am not wanting to sift through hundreds of pages in the midst of a crisis to find something that might help me or a loved one deal with depression or anger or even jealousy.

Susan has provided a way for us to get that immediate help and much needed compassion. She has taken her many years of counseling expertise along with her decades of a passionate pursuit of spiritual growth, and with clear insight, named the most common emotional stumbling blocks we as humans have whether they are short lived or chronic. I felt compassion and empathy as if she were holding my hand as she shared her own personal experiences with each of these topics. She has not just studied these; she has lived them and truly understands people’s struggles.

Specifically, my daughter who was struggling with her own worthiness found a great deal of peace as Susan wisely explained that the hurtful things others have said to you have little to do with you. This helped my daughter move a step closer to not taking everything so personally. Susan’s insights on depression inspired me to start embracing my creative hobbies as a proactive way to head off my own tendency to become depressed when my days are filled with only homemaking and caring for others.

The practical tips and tools offer something for everyone and are presented in a clear and easy to consume use format that makes Loving Insights: A Higher Perspective on Emotions a valuable tool to empower each of us to take positive steps towards calming our emotions and clearing our minds.

Reverend Kimberlee Ann King, MhD
Author of Parenting is Hard, Suffering is Optional:
A Handbook for Parents on the Brink

elizabeth testimonial

Loving Insights is a ground breaking resource to keep by your bed when you are in need of kind and compassionate wisdom to allay a difficult day. Overall, it offers personal reflections and insights inviting you to think differently about your emotional life, enabling you to view the “harder” emotions encountered through a softer lens that will light your way as well as sharing easy tips and tools you can put into action to support your peace and well-being. When you need a reset for your day, to feel heard and regain a sense of equilibrium, Loving Insights is your sanctuary. Susan Atchison is a gifted healer and teacher offering her students, clients, and now the world, genuine lightness of being. It flows through her words and gentle intuition she has been guided to give through her Loving Insights book, at this time in our planet’s evolutionary development. It touched my heart, and it will touch yours.

Elizabeth Welles
Writer, Educator, Grief Advocate

Susan has made an entire emotional vocabulary accessible and actionable. There is an invitation in her work to become curious about your emotions rather than judge yourself.   Incorporating the practices she suggests will surely open the door to new understanding and integration.

 Michelle Flowers, MD
Psychiatrist, Healer, Mother

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I want a copy of the whole collection! Please make this into cards! Your work is GOLD!

Wendy B

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